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Macroeconomic Indicators

The NBU publishes macroeconomic data that are collected and compiled by Ukraine’s State Statistics Office and Ukraine’s State Treasury Office. The data are used in making monetary policy decisions and analyzing financial stability.


The methodology for calculating price, economic activity, and labor market indicators is available on the website of Ukraine’s State Statistics Office.

The methodology for compiling Ukraine’s consolidated and state budgets is provided on the website of Ukraine’s State Treasury Office.


The NBU publishes data for:

Indicator / Period monthly data quarterly data annual data
Consumer Price Indices 10'2023 IІІ-2023 2022
Core Consumer Price Index 10'2023   2022
Producer Price Indices 02'2022 IV-2021 2021
Economic activity
Index of Key Sectors Output (Methodological commentary (UKR) 01'2022    
Gross domestic product     2022
Industry 06'2023   2021
Agriculture 01'2022   2020
Construction 06'2023   2022
Domestic trade 06'2023   2022
Labor market and social statistics
Employment   ІIІ-2021 2021
Unemployment 10'2023 ІIІ-2021 2021
Average monthly wages 01'2022   2022
Average staff numbers 01'2022 ІII-2021 2021
Payroll 01'2022 ІII-2021 2021
Real wage indices 01'2022   2021
Wage arrears 01'2022   2021
Public finances
Consolidated budget 10'2023 IІІ-2023 2022
State budget 10'2023 ІIІ-2023 2022